Today or maybe yesterday bc I have a bad memory is the one year anniversary since this happened. This was the last time I got to play before the game ended, so shoutout to all you guys for making it enjoyable. If anyone remembers Cheese’s vp video, this picks up right after it. 

We were basically just goofing around, and having fun. I’m embarrased by like 80% of the things I said in here. (No music bc laziness/ video is kind of long.)

the game closed for good on September 19, 2013. Today is September 18. 

I…. I finally did it!? I achieved my goal of training drop, toonup, AND trap all at once to get juggling, quicksand, and drop! I’m so happy right now! ♥

So… um. yeah.

I believe I ran into a Toonblr….

i also got closer to getting my new trap, toonup, and drop gags! ♥


I’m on ToonTown Rewritten in the district Renaissance River. Will do 1 to 2 buildings.

lol no you’re not you’re now in pastel plains


I’m gonna try and post a little comic for every time I max a gag track. Here’s Throw; Squirt coming soon (and then the rest soonish)!

Overall, I think my day today has been pretty impressive, and I like the improvements.

Did a VP to help my friend get her first one in, but she died at the Skelecog round. Went in with 8, came out with 5.

Also, on my gags… Got on at 9:30 am PST with just 6 points, and only a banana peel. Now I have marbles!

1018 until I obtain juggling balls
491 until I obtain quicksand
848 until I obtain safe

I also have 80 laff now!!! ^-^

bldg with 2 toonblrs and a random mouse! ^-^

Are my posts not popular today….

I need Sellbots, and I want to train my toonup, trap, and drop! I’m in DDL with a Shaker invasion, and there’s nobody around to help me with my toontasks… </3

P.S. I don’t know how to make a building group on TTR IRC so it’s basically useless to me.


swim team buddies FTW