Dear Legal Eagles,

listen here you little shits, give me that key now or i will hunt you down in every building, or wherever you spawn, and kill off each and every one of you. I’m real tired of standing here at level 4 Lawbot buildings while everyone else just runs past me down the street.


the hell

so i tried logging in to ttr for the first time in like a month

and i get an error when i log in “your account has not been activated or has been disabled”

ive had a key for like 2 months why is this happeninggg

Have you already entered the key? 

Hao to the rescue

Finally someone comes to save me and help me with my 4 story Lawbot building (I need a key from Eagles and a sprocket from Backstabbers)

All these people and yet nobody’s running down the street to help me with a 4 level Lawbot building (I’m in River now, Lighthouse lane, staring at the Dock playground.

can i please just carry 3 tasks already?? Nobody’s ever around to help. (Graphite Gulch, Elm Street)


If you’ve never heard what the Devil Ray sounds like and you don’t want to unless you catch it yourself, don’t watch this.

all this time I’ve never heard this because i’ve never caught one :D


720 toons online and nobody will ride the trolley with me.

730 online and nobody will do a simple 1 story building with me.


yo if anyone wants me to draw their toon gimme a ref and i will B)


*cue satan*

Art Requests! [Open]


Hi guys! I want to work on my art and experiment a bit with new styles and palettes before my art classes start in late August. I’m lacking in several areas and I need as much practice as I can get!

So, I’ll be taking art requests starting today.
I’ll take a few requests now and set a goal of…