Toonblr #2 added!!!! :3 ♥

look who i found again

I’ll get to you in the morning, I don’t wanna deal with you right now.

yay c: ♥

well fuck.

I bet you never knew that these guys are 1 of the 4 feminine Cogs.


there should be special skins we can get through tasks and such and it can be irreversible or it can be temporary, depends on how much the task(s) demands. like cats could get a tabby pattern or dogs could get a dalmatian one omg

11 questions! 11 people! 11 more questions!

I got tagged by azureswallowtail in the 11 questions… Here I go :3

  1. How did you find out about Toontown?
    I was watching TV and an ad came on probably about 3 or 5 times in the same day, so I wanted to join the game c:
  2. Are you still in touch with your very first Toontown friend?
    I think so. I don’t even remember who my very first TTO friend was. But my very first TTR friend was the friend who gave me my beta key, Captain Toppenspinner c: he is rad.
  3. Did you play Toontown with your sound/music on/off?
    Sometimes on, sometimes off.
  4. If you could meet your toon(s) in real life, what would you do? 
    I would hug them and go everywhere with them, I would cry if I got to do the teleporting thingy because that would be awesome.
  5. Did you always have a bike horn/squirting flower/weak gag with you on your high toon just for the heck of it?
    Yep. Did that a lot with bike horn. 
  6. What did you spend most of your jellybeans on?
    I spent my jellybeans on either gags, speedchat phrases, or parties
  7. Do you have a favourite Speedchat phrase?
    There’s a Cog invasion! 

    I would always yell that out and people would start freaking and be like “srsly?” me: yeah. LOL JK
  8. In boss battles, do you usually stun or hit?
    Depends on the battle.
  9. Can you navigate through the mazes in cog golf courses without getting lost?
    Sometimes. I just follow whoever’s in front.
  10. On a scale of 1 to 10, how ‘attached’ are you to your level 7 gags?
  11. Were you/have you ever thought of becoming chatless? Why?
    I have never been chatless in my entire life. I just never felt like being one of those people.

    I tag nyehcat, petalbounce, xxlunathekittyxx, chrissy908. cadence-acres, oreotherecruit, toonupless, idontwantyourdanglemons, castorstrophe, cogwaltz, basically-toontown
  1. What is/was your favorite playground? (Can include Cog HQs too)
  2. Favorite all-time gag? (Choose only 1)
  3. Would you want to live in the world of Toontown as a Toon, physically?
  4. How long have you been playing Toontown?
  5. In the CFO, would you rather crane or stun?
  6. Golf, fishing, racing, gardening?
  7. Would you want level 8 gags? Why or why not?
  8. What do you want to see happen in the version of Toontown that you play? (House, Infinite, Rewritten)
  9. How badly were you hurt when Disney announced the closing over a year ago?
  10. Who was your highest Toon(s) in Toontown?
  11. If you could go back in time, would you change anything you did to your Toon(s) on Toontown (i.e. Choose a different gag track, made different friends, etc.)


My record number of level6 gags obtained in under 24 hours: 2

So I finally have my whole Cog page filled, thanks to invasions… now to get it completely orange. 11/32 orange boxes so far. I’m gonna try my best to fill this up as fast as I can, but at 1 in the morning, it’s hard to do Minglers by myself. Now to get my fire hose and then go to bed x3